The Neo-feudal, subjugation revisited. Power through property, language and financials.

Subjugation is back throughout the globe including the acceptance of their fait by the galleyslaves. 

The “reservoirs full of money” of the 1% super rich are filled by “channelling, polder drainage, flood defences and floodgates”, developed in civil law. Those who seek the injustices in the division of prosperity in the economy or in market forces are watching the wrong film and will never see through the issue.

The global community can attribute the flaw that has resulted in the 1% hyper-rich as opposed to the billions of unfree people in 2018 to legal structures facilitated by civil law, and which have subsequently been stretched, adapted and made applicable worldwide by lobbyists, jurisprudence, smart accountants, lawyers and communication advisors. Brash people owe the entire world. Just look around you. Civil law and its interpretation and application have produced the financialised world in the meantime. In it, shareholders hide behind structures of terms and conditions, land registry, process servers, notaries, ownership structures and delivery modes, pledges and other security rights, assignments, copyright (software), legal persons, patents and other immaterial capital, fiscalities, shares and exchanges and supranational money routes – and there are many more ‘fine’ examples. And, like laying hens, the masses have been locked in long-term contracts, actual monopolies and other other faits accompli such as the public space and media becoming available for commercial purposes. Welcome to the world of the alpha males, who I have described as Homo Scrotumi elsewhere. Citizens follow the hare, leashed, confined and wrought up. As in greyhound racing. Or, in other words, with the car and the house as two registered nipples sucked by countless milkmen every month, preferably via direct debits, like a milking robot. I see traps and barbed wire everywhere. Amused stakeholders watch from their skyboxes somewhere in the world. Nobody knows where exactly. Capital is footloose. Money is made from rising and falling exchanges and the system is controlled with Libor-like craftiness; as a weatherman who controls the rain and the sun. Godlike. And time is on their side.

Although almost any one of us could have joined the 1% in retrospect, this does not make the current malpractices less inacceptable. It is furthermore likely that the extremes will increase; everything for the benefit of the current owners of land, property rights and shares. It is easily assumed or the spin is easily believed that these people will no longer fully deploy their inventiveness without the prospect of super profits, such as, for example, the pharmaceutical industry has made us believe for decades. I do not believe this, but even if it were the case, a little less innovation would be preferable to the derailment I currently perceive worldwide. Gatze Lettinga – in short: the inventor of biogasification – is an example here. However, governments controlled and mesmerised by lobbyists and communication advisors steer from the wrong dashboard. They are turning a fake wheel such as those you see in children’s chairs and fairground attractions; a driver’s experience without effect. The effective knobs are seen in the Dutch Civil Code in many places. It seems to have been forgotten that ministers of parliament have to perform their tasks without order or consultation. Spin doctors watch in amusement. Our own Jack de Vries cannot get enough of it. That it can be so simple! Too many politicians are ventriloquists’ dummies and far too many enter public administration to get something rather than bringing something.
These days, we name and shame Xi’s lifelong presidency, Erdogan, Orban, Mugabe and other leaders under whom the democratic process is deemed to suffer, but I hardly see any difference in declination on my moral compass compared to the great free West that is only doing a little better on paper at best. And yes, the foundation of our constitutional state is certainly not wrong, but the outcome, the current democracy version 2.0 (with the unchained version of rules that were to serve citizens originally, and which once emerged as Code Civil) has been hijacked with the help of refined techniques. Billions of people have been put on a leash again as in feudal times. The Western raven only has white quill feathers. An unstoppable corpocracy is the result. The Neofeudal dominates the 99%.

Market forces are little more than a bartering mechanism in the exchange of goods and services and a free economy (literal translation: household management) could just as well offer a reasonable division of prosperity. It does not take rocket science to understand this. However, tens of thousands of professors, publicists, economists, hack writers et cetera worldwide perpetuate the belief that the growing inequality in “the market” and “the economy” is something that arises, and it is said these processes are difficult to control. However, as I perceive it, I see very clearly how civil law 2.0 has brought us that 1% worldwide (Jeff Bezos is now worth over $100 billion), and has saddled us with a superfluous and exceedingly large financial system that is only preserved because of itself rather than it supporting citizens. 

Monetary debt has been spinned into something that is normal, something inevitable, and borrowing money is encouraged and rewarded everywhere, although it flagrantly affects everyone’s future. Voluntary hostage-taking as fiscal wisdom. Mortgages with grace periods have become the norm. People pay with their future. After all, we have negative money which appears to mean that money would cease to exist if everyone were to pay off their debt. I get dizzy when I try to understand this. Not only have the masses sold off their present but also their future, misled by a toxic mixture of government intervention and cunning entrepreneurial behaviour. I have no problem with differences in wealth but even those who properly complete their education these days and diligently perform their duties will sooner or later face the chains I am writing about here. The chains are secured at the onset of one’s studies. This allows you to get used to them because they will remain your lot. Not only the stupid and the really wicked end up in the galleys, but the sincere and the clever ultimately also end up leashed to the milking establishment of the 1%. Absurd riches are no longer only found with oil sheiks. The waterfalls of civil law are easily accessible and inexhaustible as long as nobody thinks beyond the books of Thomas Piketty and Joris Luyendijk who successfully sell them and are frequently asked to tell us what was already clear to those who pay attention. However, they do not seem to be concerned with the cause. After all, they are hack writers.

In the process, civil existence has been reduced to an economic activity. In other words, the daily struggle to fight for a small piece of normal existence, such as the bliss of doing nothing, living in the moment or pursuing whatever passion – on top of paying the monthly expenses. Working less as the beckoning prospect of automation has barely benefited anybody. I previously wrote that, to most people, the deductibility of interest and operating expenses is a law of nature in the same way as the volume of water is smallest at 4 degrees as a result of which ice floats and the earth was able to become the entity we know. However, interest is manmade and urgently requires adjusting. Fiscal deductibility of interest and operating expenses accelerate an industry that digs and consumes the earth unrestrained. And it can easily be changed but I hear or see nobody even remotely thinking in this direction. How in God’s name have banks managed to indulge themselves to such an extent? An industry that manages to make government believe their income (interest) has to be tax-deductible at all times. Forget the gold standard – negative money. That can happily go viral! Lobbying there was even more successful than the lobbying by farmers and fishermen who had their own ministry for years. However, the Ministry of Finance was originally not intended as a gateway for the banking business. And lo and behold; the revolving door; Wim Kok, Balkenende, E. Brinkman, Wouter Bos, the list is endless and the same scenario or worse is looming abroad.

Another fairy-tale: it is common policy to pamper businesses in order to provide citizens with income. However, it is clearly an error to believe that this benefits all citizens and that they will all find a job. As if existence is an economic activity rather than an existential activity, and as if it is not the case that income or, better still, having no expenses is more important than having to work for 40 hours a week. Employment has too unthinkingly become an end in itself. This has resulted in many nonsense jobs. And even if the government were to succeed in indirectly providing citizens with prosperity, a machination would subsequently still be triggered which would impose increasing fixed costs and terms and conditions on the masses, as a result of which the monthly income passes through the bank account like “an express train passes a small station”, flowing back to businesses. Consequently, a basic income has become an illusion as well. After all, this new poverty does not exist in a lack of money but in uncontrollable fixed costs: the speed of the hare is regulated from the skyboxes (customers were referred to as ‘muppets’ at Goldman Sachs). They are the laughing stock there. In New York, I spoke with young people who can only live there in a shared apartment working two jobs. It can be feared this will only become a worldwide model to an increasing extent. Terrifying.

Terms and conditions as they are permitted nowadays by the legislator and the judiciary are the direct cause of exploding fixed charges. Shareholders love businesses that have the masses in their grip in this way. Have you heard of e-courts? Just look it up, you will not believe your eyes and ears. A parallel world is in the making there. Participating in such a society means being part of about a thousand pages of terms and conditions without having any say in them. Citizens are mere spectators in all respects. Periodical indexes, collection fees that spiral out of control, unilateral contract amendments – it is all as legitimate as it is harmful for all of us. And all this with the grace of the court that has now become virtually inaccessible to citizens following the destruction of the legal aid system along with the whole of the welfare state. The Reaganism-like wave of privatisation in the lowlands at the end of the previous century has only created more standard conditions for us, resulting in even more helplessness. Ewout Hondius – to my knowledge the first to give shape to this doctrine – and Eduard Meijers could not foresee this: standard conditions as a tool to subjugate a people. Who lobbies for citizens these days? Nobody.

As long as the Dutch Civil Code and law as it is applied now – I call this “the ball pit of the 1%” – remain unchanged, inequality will increase and the global community will be torn apart even more. All this in anticipation of a great war or a jubilee year. It is also possible that the issue of climate drives us closer together because things become unlivable on earth, whether or not caused by man. Buddha, Jesus, Mohammed, Abraham and the Hindu gods suddenly become friends in this scenario, and silence will come over the skyboxes because money by giro is immaterial and it will not benefit those who want to keep afloat on a formless and empty earth – that Earth from the Beginning.
Because money partly exists in the future there is also this odd hurry, this hunger for tomorrow, the necessity of growth, with the pressure on everywhere. I do not have a really good understanding of money, but when I look intuitively I see the futures of the masses floating in the reservoirs of the 1%. Citizens have been loaded with debts either directly in a private capacity or as bearers of public deficits. I feel as though I am at risk in large stores, the Ikea experience, with secret directors and crafty music everywhere, things to keep you inside such as free coffee at Albert Hein supermarket. We are rushed. An agenda is foisted on us with the help of nanopsychology and subliminal advertising, competition is bought including all patents which also deprives us of the poor protection offered by market forces. Intimidated and driven into a corner, we are robbed of our last bit of future. The addictive substances in cigarettes are nothing in comparison. The law forbids us to contract on successions not yet opened, but the future of the living is outlawed.

If justice become complicated, a fog will arise which is used by those in the skyboxes. This is what I argue. Big Pharma, big Finance and big Software and all those others ask for big Civility in this case. The picture should also be correct from a distance and legislation should give shape to morality. This piece of writing is an attempt to take another look at this issue.
Zierikzee, 15 March 2018